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Mold Inspection Miami

Miami Damage Restoration offers a quick, convenient, and effective mold inspection Miami. Contact us today if you notice mold growth in your home.

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Mold Inspection Process

If you think mold starts to build up in your home, you may consider calling a professional mold inspection Miami to evaluate the area and identify the source of mold. While mold may look like a minor problem, this unpleasant issue can actually cause serious health problems to you and your loved ones. Hiring a professional will ensure that your home is safe and clear from mold. Miami Damage Restoration offers mold testing and inspection in Miami FL that provide you with an array of remediation services.

Here is what you should expect in the mold inspection Miami process:

Visual Inspection

A mold inspector will check your entire house for mold buildup, including hidden areas like the HVAC system. Before inspecting your interior, the inspector will inspect your home's exterior and surrounding landscape to check if the water is draining away from or towards your property. Fascia, drain spouts, and eaves will be inspected as well to determine if there are any areas where water might enter your home. This is all to eliminate any external sources of moisture that cause mold buildup in your home.

After inspecting the exterior, the inspector will inspect the interior of your home to look for any visual signs of mold. He will check window condensation, water stain, and mold spore collection on the ceiling, walls, under the sinks, behind baseboards, behind appliances, and more.

Utilizing Tools to Check Molds

The mold inspector will use various tools to detect the presence of mold in your home. He will use tools such as a fiber optic camera and moisture measuring devices to spot the mold. With these devices, the inspector will be able to spot the exact location and the extent of the mold problem.

Measure Humidity Levels

One of the significant causes of mold buildup in the home is high humidity. The inspector will check the humidity and temperature in every room in your home. If certain rooms have higher humidity levels, the inspector will check the rooms more than once as higher humidity levels indicate mold.

Ask Questions

The inspector will ask your question that can help with the inspection and removal process. Questions about any events that may have caused mold growth, the history of your home, and the health conditions of everyone in the home will be asked. You need to answer all of them to help the inspector determine the origins of moisture and the potential for mold growth.

Mold Testing

The inspector will take tape or swab samples during this step in the process. He may also advise an Indoor Air Quality test to compare the spore count inside and outside your home. The samples from these tests will be sent to a laboratory for evaluation, and if the result shows high levels of mold spores, the inspector will begin the mold removal process.

If you suspect mold in your home, contact us immediately to begin the mold inspection Miami.

Looking for Professional Mold Inspection, Evaluation, and Remediation in Miami?

Look for a contractor that is an expert and has specific experience in mold inspections, evaluation, and remediation. You may ask them how much the mold inspection and mold remediation cost in Miami to help you determine which contractor is the most affordable. Your family and friends can recommend a good contractor around the area.

Miami Damage Restoration offers mold inspection Miami to help homeowners deal with their mold problems in their homes. We have experts in mold inspection and mold removal that can help you solve your issues with mold.

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